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We only want humans, not web crawler robots, to download our files.  Therefore the real Download pages are pass-phrase protected.  That pass-phrase for the Student version is just:

          let me in

Remember that and just click here:  Download.Private 

Encrypted Emails: If you received an encrypted BrainWizardPhD (BWiz) email attachment, you only need the Student Version to open and read the attachment.  However the Student Version has screen sharing enabled, so someone else on your Intranet could see what you are viewing.  For complete privacy you need the Teacher or Professor version, or you need to close port 90 to any machine other than localhost.

If you experience any problems, let us know in the Feedback.

To get to Download.Educators and the Teacher and/or Professor versions you will need a different pass phrase.  The easiest way to get that is to join our MailList

About Google Chrome since March 2017:  Chrome will try to protect you from entering a password on a plain http (not https) page by warning you the page is not secure and by changing your cursor to  near the password field.  You are not entering your own personal password here, so it is safe to ignore this warning.  Our password is just to stop web robots from entering.

About Firefox:  Firefox has a similar warning about entering the pass phrase.  Just ignore it.


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