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encrypt   your emails



Encrypted Message
(EEMail) Features

defeat Roskomnadzor

  Very easy to use - no knowledge of keys or encryption technology needed.

  Use together with your current email client, so there is very little extra to learn, and no fees to pay.

  You do not need to modify your current email system or even install add-ins to use this EEMail system.

  New 06/23/17  If you install Telegram, you can use that instead of email and get an extra layer of AES-256 military-grade encryption as well.  That extra layer is in addition to the encryption that Telegram itself provides.

  You can even put BWiz on a flash drive and take your email/messages with you.

  Very unique to BWiz is the enforcement of email thread integrity:

   No participant in a conversation thread can ever change the subject, date, or past entries.

   Users cannot even change their own past entries, only their most recent entries.

   A bad actor cannot change the contents of a thread as they can with normal email.

  Multilayer encryption:

   The contents of each part of an email thread are password-protected, so even while it is on your machine, nobody will be able to read your email without knowing the password.

   When sent, the entire package (an attachment) is compressed and wrapped in AES-256 military-grade encryption with an enhanced password, so while travelling on the Internet and sitting on intermediate servers it would be virtually impossible for anyone to hack.  See How Secure is AES?.  The AES-256 implementation is that of 7Zip with the -mhe+ switch, which means that the names and sizes of files within the attachment are themselves encrypted.  For even more security, BWiz does not send the user-specified password to 7Zip, but instead sends a randomized, lengthened, and encrypted password to 7Zip.  Thus, password-guessing algorithms will not work on an encrypted BIP.

AES-256   encryption for emails



Sample EEMail Message Thread


email thread integrity

Note the following:

  Each text box (User Note) is a mini text editor complete with formatting. 

  Images, special characters (e.g., ∆ and 𥄫), and large amounts of text can be pasted in.

  Grasshopper was desperate and wanted to trick Ant by inserting into Ant's August 16 4:37 PM message "If you don't have enough food come Winter, we can always loan you some."  However Grasshopper could not do so because all the text boxes with only 2 buttons are forever locked.

  Ant has not sent his last reply, so the last text box can still be modified by Ant.  You can tell that since all the formatting buttons are present.

  If Ant or Grasshopper wanted to amend an earlier message, they could click on the Add Note button in the blue button bar, and then click on one of the pop-up Add Indented buttons (not shown above) to the right of an existing User Note.  In the new indented User Note, one can add a correction or clarification.  That is the only way to correct a past mistake.

  The  button can be used to collapse/expand a text box, so long email chains can be simplified.  Hovering over a collapsed  button will pop up a synopsis of the contents.  So the visual length of a long email chain can be shortened, but no information will be lost since any collapsed User Note can be expanded by clicking on its  button.

  The resizing symbol  off of the lower right corner can be dragged to resize a User Note.

  Ant can send the thread back to Grasshopper via email by clicking EMail Now or via Telegram by clicking Send BIP Now

  Ant could use a different 3rd-party transport for sending his BIP if Ant edited the SendBIP.bat script that is supplied with BWiz.  The default SendBIP.bat script employs Telegram as its 3rd-party transport.

  If Ant clicks EMail Now and has MS Outlook 2007 on his machine, he will see this popup:

BrainWizardPhd uses encrypted attachments

  Ant just needs to fill in Grasshoppers address and click SendBWiz filled in the body of the email, but Ant can change it if needed.

  The outer subject (name of file only), name of the attachment, Ant's address and Grasshopper's address will get sent in clear text, but the attachment is encrypted.

encrypt   your emails



Completing the EEmail Picture

BWiz will protect the contents of your email extremely well with its AES-256 encryption.  See How Secure is AES?.  That includes the inner BWiz subject ("Grasshopper - You need to gather food for the winter" in the above example).  Other items in your headers are still sent out in plain text.  Therefore a snooper can determine the source and destination.  If you need further security, you could do this: 

   Get a free ProtonMail account with a nondescript user name.  Do not give ProtonMail your email address for recovery.

   Click the BWiz Compress Only button and note the name of the compressed file (*.bwiz-ezp).

   Log into the Proton account and click Compose.  Then click the paperclip in the lower left and upload your *.bwiz‑ezp file.  Optional: If you have a VPN service, turn it on before logging into Proton.

   Send your Proton email to whomever you want.  You should not need to send your encrypted BIP as an encrypted email (by clicking the lock icon near the lower left) since it already is well protected.

   Note: Do not email to Proton and then forward it.  This will not defeat the clear text headers problem.

Note that ProtonMail does not encrypt headers, which include subjects and addresses.  Even though ProtonMail headers are not end-to end encrypted, it is exceptionally difficult for a third party to get access to them while they are on the Proton servers.  Access would require breaching Swiss data privacy laws and getting a court order that is approved by a Swiss judge.  Also see their Transparency Report.  Once sent out of Proton, the headers can easily be snooped; this is why you should not email to Proton and then forward out of Proton.

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