Topics: windows freeware best educational and authoring tool.  Create smart documents with JavaScript.

Children benefit from BrainWizardPhD by getting better grades.Student Version Features

  ease of use

  familiar browser environment

  realistic skill calculation

  Reveal button

  text highlighting buttons

  Add Note button

  user name, ID, and password

  encryption of answers and added notes

  emailing results back to the authors

  SiteWords BIP is included.

Teachers find it easy to prepare lessons using BrainWizardPhDTeacher Version Added Features

All of the following can be handled by a common word processor such as Microsoft Word, Open Office, or LibreOffice, and no knowledge of HTML is needed.  One just has to type in simple commands like .page, .textfield, .checkbox, .radiobutton, .textbox, .HTMLtextbox, .video, .execbutton, etc.  That plus the ability to highlight text is all that is required.

  textfields (short questions with known answers)




  plaintextboxes (for composition questions with short answers)

  HTMLtextboxes (for composition questions needing formatted answers, hyperlinks, graphics, etc.)

  audio files

  video files

  expanding/collapsing sections

  flyover help


  buttons that run programs

  drill and test modes

  required and optional questionnaire modes

  passwords and encryption

For the HTML and JavaScript savvy, those can be easily inserted.  This allows iframes,  YouTube  videos, and other web pages to be embedded in a BIP.

BrainWizardPhD free educational authoring toolProfessor Version Added Features

  chapters as well as pages

  the .include command, which allows one large work to be distributed among numerous source files or contributors

  conditional compilation, which allows the changing of a single line to drastically reconfigure an entire BIP

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