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All of the BWiz versions include a copy of the Student Manual and the SightWords BIP, which teaches children and English learners over 400 of the most commonly-used English words, plus some of the most commonly misspelled words.  Learning to recognize such words on sight is crucial for academic success.  Using a HTML 5 audio player, all the words are pronounced and used in a sentence. 

For example,

Learn English spelling with BrainWizardPhD

The above is merely a screenshot, so the audio player and yellow textfields will not operate.  The audio says "Spell think, very, and funny, as in 'I think clowns are very funny'".  Illustrations and, in some cases, humor is used to keep the students' interest.  In this example, clicking the § symbol shows the answer to the riddle: "To get his rubber chicken".

More examples:

Learn to pronounce English words with BrainWizardPhD

Audio = "Is it time for him to have his dinner?"

Many different subject can be taught using BrainWizardPhD

Audio = "Does a person's name in a sentence need to be capitalized?"  § = Very old.

In some cases, life lessons are taught as well as just spelling:

Teach life lessons using BrainWizardPhD

Audio: You should begin exercising often to live a good life.

The names of many common numbers, colors, and shapes are also included.  For example:

Teach shapes for children using BrainWizardPhD

Most of the words in the SightWords BIP were taken from numerous sources, including the entire Dolch Vocabulary (except many 1-3 letter words) and the first 300 words from the Dr. Edward B Fry sight words (except many 1-3 letter words).  There are 423 words arranged in 124 questions.

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